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We 'Keep On Truckin' every day, with our many friends and partners in trucking, transportation and logistics. For years we 'cut our teeth' with such well-known companies as Martin's Potato Rolls, David H. Martin Excavating, and many others – continually upgrading our work as new and improved materials reached the market and new application techniques were developed. 

Today our work includes hand-applied golf leaf lettering for first responders and fire companies, vinyl-cut lettering, or as seen on this page, a combination of almost anything. We can also include full-sized vehicle wraps using OEM templates for exact sizing, and color-code match your graphics package to your vehicle's original paint colors.

Don't just put up a sign - WOW them!

While many sign companies will simply produce a sign, we review each project to see if your need for grabbing attention and gaining customers is better served by combining the use of different techniques.

This example uses modern day energy-efficient neon, paired to a custom back-lit photo graphic. The result is memorable, easy to care for, and can also allow for ease of changing graphics if needed – while preserving the primary logo and identity.  

We've done more restaurants, activity centers, taverns and food establishments than we can count! We give each its own identity and sense of presence – modeled after its logo, stationery or business cards, or the owner's preferences based on local neighborhood, customer demographics, or consumer buying habits. Bring us your own ideas or let us create something totally special for you!

Pole signs have long been our specialty. Using modern 'care-free' or low-upkeep vinyl posts and signboards, we can produce stand-alone signs like the one above or incorporate easily-changeable message boards into the unit's overall design. We'll work with your local zoning regulations and permitting officials, as well as your designated site or electrical contractors, to make sure our creation fits into your overall site requirements. 

Enjoy some samples of our work, done in a variety of materials – ranging from vehicles and truck graphics to unique and eye-catching vinyls and metals.

We have that perfect solution for your image-building and identity, that delivers the custom professional look your business requires!

And our modern production techniques mean that your project can be done usually in days (not weeks), depending on the size and scope of what you need.

To get started, simply give us a call at (717) 264-4211 or send us an e-mail to info@artsignco.com.

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Other Examples of Art Sign Company's Design, Fabrication and Installation Work

Metal of various types and gauges allow us the flexibility to form, cut, router and uniquely shape your next signage requirement. Then we add colors and embellish the basic design, adding your wording and copy in fonts that draw attention for the viewer. This look can be achieved for indoor or outdoor applications and can be produced to fit interior wall spaces, exterior entryways, or even adjoining panels to create a hallway or corridor mural, or large expansive visual piece.